How Much is RV Insurance in Atlanta?

[A Comprehensive 2022 Guide]

Last updated: 3rd February, 2022

Millions of Americans enjoy traveling the country in their RVs. This is how they see America and experience life to the fullest. When it comes to RV insurance coverage, many questions arise, such as “How much RV insurance in Atlanta do I need?” or “Where can I find RV Insurance agents near me? Answers to these and other questions can be found below! 

What is RV? 

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. It is a type of vehicle that travelers use when they are on the road. RVs vary in size and shape, but one thing is for sure: RVs allow people to enjoy their time off and see new things while still feeling at home. 

When it comes to RVs, they are popular because of how much freedom owning an RV gives people! They can save money by spending time outdoors instead of at hotels or pricey resorts. 

According to United States government NHTSA report, RVs are involved in over 80,000 accidents every year. However, with the right RV insurance policy in place, this doesn’t have to be something that you worry about. 

What is RV Insurance? 

RV insurance is a policy that provides RV coverage in case of accidents or damages. It can also provide liability coverage if someone is injured while inside your RV. 

There are many different RV insurance policies, and it’s essential to choose the right one for you and your vehicle. You will want to consider how much coverage you need, what kind of risks you’re willing to cover, and how often you plan on using your RV. 

What Does RV Insurance Cover in Atlanta?  

There are many things that RV insurance can cover. 

RVs and their contents

This includes the RV itself and any personal belongings inside it. 


Liability coverage will help pay for medical bills and property damage if someone is harmed or their property is destroyed while you are driving your RV. 

Medical expenses

If you or anyone else in your party gets injured while traveling in your RV, medical expenses coverage will help pay for any necessary medical care. 

Personal injury

If you are unable to work due to injuries sustained in an accident, this coverage will pay for the costs of your lost income. 

Emergency roadside assistance

This can include such things as a tow when your RV breaks down or is involved in an accident. It also covers items like tire changes and locksmith services if needed. Schedule a call to speak with an RV insurance agent today.

How much RV coverage insurance in Atlanta do I need?   

Like the most affordable car insurance in the USA, depending on the agency you choose, you may be surprised by how much RV insurance in Atlanta is and how affordable it can be. Moreover, you can get many car insurance discounts based on the different types of protection you want to be covered under your policy. In general, this is how much you may plan to spend the following for RV insurance in different states: 


Annual Costs


$500 – $600 Expect to pay around $500-$600 a year for full RV coverage. This includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. 
$500 – $600 The cost of RV insurance in Texas is similar to that of Georgia. You can expect to pay around $500-$600 annually for complete protection. 
 $1000+ Florida has some of the highest rates for RV insurance in the country. Expect to pay upwards of $1000 per year for full coverage on your RV. 
$900 – $1000 Rates for Tennessee are similar to those found in Florida. To get full coverage on your RV, you can expect to pay around $900-$1000 a year for this type of protection. 
$1000+ Alabama has the second-highest rates in the country when it comes to RV insurance coverage. Expect to pay upwards of $1000 annually if you want full coverage on your vehicle. 


How much RV insurance coverage is the right choice? 

This is dependent on how frequently you intend to utilize your RV and the types of excursions you intend to take. If you intend to use it just for a few short weekend trips each year, then liability coverage may be all you need. 

However, comprehensive and collision coverage is probably a better idea if you use your RV as a full-time home away from home. This will help protect your RV if damaged or stolen while on the road. 

According to Trusted Choice, the quantity of RV coverage you require is also determined by the assets you wish to secure in the event of a lawsuit. Moreover, the amount of RV insurance you need also depends on the state’s requirements in which you reside. For example, how much RV insurance do I need? It may be quite different for a person living in Georgia versus someone who resides in Alabama. Similarly, the class of motorhome you own also decides how much RV insurance you will need. 

What are the Ways to find the best full-time RV insurance? 

Shop around

One of the best ways to get affordable rates on any insurance is to shop around and compare different policies. Different agencies provide varying degrees of security, so it’s critical to select one that meets your requirements. 

Look for discounts

Many companies offer discounts for things like having multiple policies with them or being members of specific organizations. Before you sign up for coverage, make sure to inquire about any possible savings. 

Check with your current insurer

If you already have a car or home insurance, check with your current insurer to check if they offer RV coverage as well. Often, bundling all of your insurance into one policy can help to save you money. 

Ask your local RV dealership

Dealerships often work with multiple companies so they can help you compare prices and products offered by each one. This makes it easier than ever before to discover which policies provide the most comprehensive levels of protection at an affordable price. 


What are the best RV insurance companies? 

There is no easy answer to this question as so many different factors go into choosing an RV insurer! However, we have shortlisted a few of the best providers: 

GEICO RV Insurance

This company has been a favorite among RV owners for several years. It offers a variety of policies, discounts, and incentives to make coverage affordable and comprehensive! 

The Hartford RV Insurance

Besides offering low rates on both liability and collision/comprehensive insurance options, this company also has some top customer service reviews from existing customers. 

Foremost RV Insurance

This company is known for its wide range of coverage options, as well as its affordable rates. It is a good choice for those who want to be fully protected while on the road. 

National General RV Insurance

National General offers policies tailored specifically for RV owners, making it easy to find the accurate level of protection for your needs. It also has several discounts available, making it more affordable than ever to get comprehensive coverage. 

Allstate RV Insurance

This company is a good option for looking for a more affordable policy. It offers both liability and collision/comprehensive coverage and several discounts to make it more affordable than other providers. 

Progressive RV Insurance

This company is one of the top providers in Georgia. It offers competitive rates and excellent customer service to all customers, regardless of how much RV insurance they need! 

As you can see, many different providers out there offer RV insurance. It is essential to do your research and compare policies. To let us assist you in this process, fill out the form on our homepage. Hope you find this blog to be educational and helpful! 

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. How much does RV insurance cost in the US? 

The typical cost of RV insurance in the United States ranges from $250 to $5000 or more, depending on a number of factors like the type of RV you’re driving and where you’re driving it. 

Q. Is RV insurance required in Georgia?

Georgia law necessitates the purchase of liability insurance at a minimum. In general, you should ensure your RV to the same extent as you would your car in the event of an accident. 

Q. How do I register a trailer in Georgia? 

To register a trailer in Georgia, fill out Form T-23 Homemade Trailer Affidavit and have it notarized. A County agent will also provide you with a Form T-22C and a serial plate. This serial plate must be riveted permanently to the trailer, and a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer must sign Form T-22C confirming it. Additionally, return the completed Form T-22C, along with a $12.00 license plate charge and any relevant Ad Valorem tax, to your County Tag Office.  

Q. Does RV insurance cover roof leaks? 

Yes, if you have full coverage insurance and the leak was caused by a covered risk, your RV insurance will cover water leaks. 

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