Independent Contractor Auto Insurance In 2022

Last updated: 3rd February, 2022

Independent contractor auto insurance has caused quite a stir in the independent contractor auto insurance community, but what is it? What is the difference between an independent contractor and a realtor with real estate experience? Do they make the same mistakes when under-emphasizing their own business while over-emphasizing the services of their primary company? Why would a company hire a realtor without the experience and skill to assess the auto insurance needs of clients? Let’s discover all of the answers to these and more.

The Independent Contractors and Real estate agents are highly-educated auto insurance specialists. They need education on many different aspects of the most affordable car insurance industry. The main thing is to market their own business. While this might seem counterintuitive, it can help a realtor get a lot more business. Every independent contractor auto insurance has unique issues and concerns. People want to know that they are working with an expert in the field, not a “one-size-fits-all” salesman.

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independent contractor auto insurance

There are other car insurance professionals, such as home inspectors, brokers, and, to name but a few. They have the training and education of real estate agents. Compared to an independent contractor, a real estate agent can access and understand details and conditions. As a result, real estate agents typically command a higher fee than independent contractors.

Independent Contractor Auto Insurance: Pros and Cons

The advantage is saving a considerable amount of money on premiums by choosing this option. Independent insurance agencies offer lower tips for those who work under a contract rather than working full-time for a specific company. Real estate agents typically work with more clients, which means more potential clients.

The disadvantage is that a realtor typically requires more time to work on an individual client. It might be too much time for some individuals to have a tight schedule or a busy life. 

Key Takeaway about Independent Contractor Auto Insurance

Auto insurance for real estate professionals can sometimes be challenging to find. Still, if you use an independent agent, you will pay a lot less for coverage during the insurance claim process. As a realtor, you will be dealing with individuals who are spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars for coverage. For this reason alone, it is worth the time to consider using an independent agent. It will save you both time and money. You will also be saving yourself the headache of dealing with agents’ biased opinions and options. If you have a good relationship with your real estate agent, they may even help you find the most affordable car insurance that you may not be able to find anywhere else.


Q. What kind of insurance do you need as an independent contractor?

General liability insurance should be carried by most enterprises, including independent contractors. If you’re accused of harming a third party or their property, general liability insurance will cover you.

Q. Do independent contractors have their own insurance?

Yes. Insurance is required by independent contractors for a variety of reasons. An independent contractor may also require other types of insurance, such as errors and omissions insurance, workers’ compensation, and even a company owner’s policy, in addition to liability insurance.

Q. Are independent contractors covered under general liability?

Independent contractors and subcontractors are typically not covered by general liability insurance. This means that your insurance is unlikely to cover or protect your consumers against mistakes made by independent contractors. It is also unlikely to cover accidents or other damage caused by them.

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