Finding Affordable Car Insurance in Florida: 2022

Last updated: 3rd February, 2022

Finding the most affordable car insurance in Florida may be a challenge, but it certainly is possible. Allstate has been one of the top providers in terms of coverage for many years, but they do not have the best rates out there. Farmers offer great prices as well, but their customer service has been less than stellar in the past.

In order to get a quote that is truly affordable, one has to look at a few different factors. One of those factors is the average cost of the most affordable car insurance for a vehicle in your age group. The cost of auto insurance varies significantly by age. For instance, it costs much more to insure 25-year-olds than it does to insure middle-aged 24-year-olds. By getting a quote based on your age, you can identify which companies are offering the best prices.

Factors Determining in Finding the Most Affordable Car Insurance

Another factor that goes into determining which insurance producer offers the cheapest auto insurance in Florida is the average age of the drivers in your home. Young drivers, or those under 25 years old, typically come with much higher premiums than older drivers. Drivers in this age range have a few factors that go into lowering the average cost of car insurance. For instance, the rates are lower for drivers who never had car accidents incidents before. They also are more likely to use their vehicles infrequently, so insurers view them as safer drivers.

most affordable car insurance
most affordable car insurance

One state where accredited advisor in insurance often gives lower rates to young drivers is Florida, which is home to some of the nation’s most high-risk drivers. The area tends to have much higher rates for drivers. Because they have a tendency to speed, run red lights, and have unsafe driving choices. Allstate and Farmers both offer policies for drivers in this risk category, but they are slightly different from one another in how they administer those risk categories. For example, Farmers has a category for “risky drivers” that is significantly higher than the national average. The difference in price is only 10% of the policy, which is still surprisingly cheap buy car insurance standards.

most affordable car insurance

Reasons Why Florida Has High Car Insurance Rates

One state where insurance companies with AAI designation give high rates to middle-aged and older drivers is in Florida. Florida is famous for its alcohol consumption and reputation as a “ferry state”.

Likewise, insurers see the demographic of drivers who are likely to get into accidents and be at fault for accidents. As a result, Florida is one of the most expensive states to insure. It is also the most expensive state in which to obtain car insurance.

Car insurance companies in Florida have to offer at least minimal coverage, i.e property, and casualty insurance. To determine the insurance companies that offer the cheapest car insurance rates, you need to request multiple quotes. Each company requires you to fill out a form that contains different questions about your personal information and driving history. Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive an offer from five or ten insurance companies. Comparing quotes is the best way to find a good deal on motor vehicle coverage.


Q. Which county in Florida has the least expensive auto insurance?

According to a poll, Alachua County and its municipalities have the cheapest auto insurance in the state of Florida.

Q. What is the cheapest car to insure in Florida?

The Chevrolet Spark, Mazda CX-30, and Honda CR-V are the top three cheapest vehicles to insure in Florida, with an average cost of $1,758 per year, $1,790 per year, and $1,798 per year, respectively.

Q. What is the minimum auto insurance coverage required in Florida?

If you possess a vehicle with four or more wheels, Florida law requires you to carry $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability insurance.

most affordable car insurance